Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year :: Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year

Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second YearWe have all grown up listening our parents advice Do as I say, not as I do. When your parents give this advice you do not always listen at first, but ulterior on in life you may catch yourself using it. I believe it is very important value, respect and listen to what your parents say their view with life is their major tool in shaping their children into adults.Parents have lived life longer than their children that is a fact. And what they have gained is wisdom. Through out their lives they have learned from their personal experience and can use these experiences to try and guide their children in the right direction in a similar experience. In the poem A Song In The Front Yard (Gwendoly Brooks, Bridges 44) it gives us a picture of a child wanting to explore more of the world than her parents think she should. Ive stayed in the strawman yard all my life,(Line 1) this line tells us that the child was a little sheltered. Not able to go out of the front yard the child was unploughed in away from the rest of the world. I want a peek at the back (Line 2) in this line the child wants to explore more than scantily the front yard, just to go into the back yard would be great. To where the charity children play. I want a good time today. They do some tremendous things. They have some wonderful fun. (Lines 8-10) In these lines they show how the child sees the surroundings outside the fence. The child sees that the other children are doing fun things that the child wishes he or she could do. He or she sees the activities of the other children as wonderful. The other children are probably doing things that the child in the front yard doesnt get to do. My mother sneers, but I say its fine how they dont have to go in at quarter to nine. My mother, she tells me that Johnnie Ma will grow up to be a bad woman. (Lines 11-14) In these lines the poet depicts the mothers feelings of the other ch ildren. She doesnt think that they are the best crowd for her child to be influenced by or maybe the activities they are doing are quite appropriate.

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