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Madness in Hamlet

DRAFT- NOT MLA-LACKS FORMATTING/REFERENCES sm each(prenominal) town-black bile, ferocity and Sanity crossroads, a bout by William Shakespeargon, is as much a mystery as a tale about depressive disorder, madness and saneness. Shakespe are reveals how the scourge of corruption and molder rapidly spread and the frantic consequences that follow. Insanity, madness and natural depression are as intolerable as corruption and deceit and hardly as intertwined. The play makes one ponder if it is executable to be sane in an crazed world full of treachery, revenge, incest, and moral corruption?By examining the themes of melancholy, madness and sanity in juncture, Shakespeare details his characters descent from depression to madness. Additionally, settlements psychological state washbowl be canvass by utilizing modern psychological diagnoses, in order to understand his genial state. passim the story, village exists in a melancholy state, essentially not in madness, / But mad in cra ft (3. 4. 204-205). hamlet states to Horatio as I perchance hereafter shall think meet/ To put an antic thirst on in order to deceive the king that he is insane (Act I, Scene V, take out 190).However, was settlement acting or was he already psychologically disturbed? Did small town go mad in the end, or was Hamlet insane from the start of the play, and his mental condition only turn as the play unfolded? The world in which Hamlet existed appears hostile. The king is a send offer his mother the queen lusts after her deceased husbands brother friends spy and deceive one another and Hamlets lover Ophelia literally loses touch with reality. Hamlet believes that only suicide can free him from his misery. Hamlet is not the only person struggling with depression.From the beginning, Francisco says, Tis pungent cold, / And I am sick at heart. Marcellus states that Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (). Fear is spread by the ghost of King Claudius erratic the city streets . Reoccurring themes of corruption result in Hamlet stating The dram of curse / Doth all the noble substance of a doubt / To his own dirt (Shakespeare 51). One evil person can contaminate an entire kingdom. As the kingdom decays, emotional trauma increases. Hamlet concludes that the world Tis an unweeded garden / that grows to seed.Things arrange and gross in nature / Possess it merely ( ). The weeds face decay in a world of evil and sin. The things are symbolic of man and his temporary dominance over himself, his fellow man and nature. Pessimism permeates the screenplay and the lector is led to connect the dysfunction with the resulting mental states of depression that infect Hamlet. Hamlets psychological status can also be analyzed from a modern perspective. Today we ask the diagnostic tools to identify and serve the disorders that afflicted Hamlet.Though Hamlet presents as melancholy throughout the play, there are three additional disorders that afflict Hamlet including p ost-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenic psychosis, and bipolar depression. terzetto traumatic events contri preciselye to Hamlets descent into madness the finish of his father, the incestuous marriage between his uncle and mother, and the disco very of his fathers murder by Claudius. These emotional traumas contributed to Hamlet suffering from what we would now diagnose as Post-traumatic stress disorder.Post-traumatic stress disorder (posttraumatic stress disorder) is characterized by the inability to properly seduce emotional appropriate responses to situations and an emotional blunting. Throughout the play, Hamlet had issues with people in his social circle. Hamlet becomes enraged with Laertes because of his dramatic sorrow over the ending of Ophelia (Act V, Scene I). Soon thereafter, Hamlet realizes his reaction to Laertes was impertinent and later apologizes to Laertes. Hamlet demonstrates impulsive behavior and lashes out at people without considering the ramificat ions.In addition to Laertes, Ophelia, Hamlets beloved, is also not immune to his rage. Hamlet is susceptible to super reactive emotional responses, and suicidal ideation is mentioned throughout the play. Symptoms of PTSD often let in changes in self-perception, relationship stressors, and frequently revenge fantasies. Hamlets emotional state deteriorates over the duration of the play. These changes include increased helplessness and the inability to make decisions as he becomes more ill. Hamlet exhibits other PTSD symptoms. Hamlet feels inferior to Fortinbras and Horatio, and in his attempts to kill Claudius.Hamlet also isolates himself and becomes more paranoid as the play progresses. Not that being paranoid would be an inappropriate emotional response to the environment he is in, but his paranoia takes over. Eventually Hamlet becomes obsessed with revenge after he is compelled by his fathers ghost to avenge his death. Symptoms of schizophrenia also present in Hamlet. The symptoms of schizophrenia can include hallucinations, isolation from others, a loss of reality and paranoia. spot berating his mother about her rapid remarriage, suddenly Hamlet begins addressing an c at oncealed specter. What would your gracious figure? QUEEN Alas, hes mad (Act III, Scene IV, Line 116-117). Hamlet has visions, or hallucinations, of his dead fathers ghost. The ghost was seen once by Horatio and some guards at the start of the play, but not by anyone else. The appearance of the ghost may keep been reality or a hallucination. However, the second ghost to appear, that only Hamlet could see and hear, was confirmation of Hamlets insanity. Schizophrenia is often symptomatic with visual, but more usually auditory hallucinations. After the death of Hamlets father, Hamlet began to trace and became reclusive in nature.He didnt combat be forced to relinquish to boarding school, he spent less time with Ophelia, and he became very isolated. Hamlet appears to have been in the ini tial stages of schizophrenia where the real and fruitless become blurred, but he is not yet incapacitated by his disorder prior to his murder. Perhaps if he didnt die youthful the disease would have progressed. Even Polonius questioned Hamlets state-of-mind when he said, How enceinte sometimes his replies are a happiness that often madness hits on (Act II, Scene II, Lines 213-215). Throughout the play, evidence of bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) is identified.It is hard to distinguish if Hamlet is bipolar or having a schizophrenic break since both diseases have parkland behavioral features. bipolar disorder is known for manic or escalated behaviors coupled with severe depression when the mania recedes. Manic behaviors include pressured (or rapid) speech, grandiose beliefs, insomnia, and hyper or frantic behavior, followed by periods of extreme anergic depression that is emotionally and physically debilitating. Hamlet escalates between periods of fermentation a nd kinetic activity to states of absolute misery and unproductivity.Hamlet procrastinates, but it may be due to the depressive period he cycles in and out of. Hamlets soliloquies all contain themes of suicide and hopelessness (depression), but his manic states are more difficult to define. Hamlet creates a plan to prove Claudiuss guilt while justifying his own rage and revenge. When Hamlet discovers that the players are approaching to the castle, he rapidly goes from melancholy to a state of over-excitement. He becomes highly focused and implements a detailed plan to kill Claudius. Hamlet speedily abandons his plan and slips back into his depression (sparing Claudius).If Hamlet was able to execute all of the schemes and plans he devises, the play would be chaotic. Another incident suggests another bipolar episode when Hamlet, on the boat to England, facilitates the execution of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and also plans an attack on a pirate ship for revenge. Grandiose thoughts a re a common feature while in a manic phase. Hamlet chop-chop forgets or fails to follow through with his plan and falls back into a depressive state. Hamlets manic depression is referred to as rapid cycle because the mania and depressive states change quickly.Ultimately, Hamlet may not be procrastinating at all wish is assumed throughout the play. Hamlet may be incapable of fulfilling his grandiose plans while in a depressive state. In Hamlets time people had no concept of mental malady or mood disorders. People believed that behavior was deliberate and labeled unaccepted behaviors as character defects. Hamlet was a deeply disturbed individual. indite Gertrude Morin suggests that a cognitive approach be used to understand Hamlet. Hamlet, Morin says, is a portrayal of a tortured, down(p) young man who loses his way in the labyrinth of his negative thoughts. He not only suffered from negativity, mania and depression the environment in which he lived was highly dysfunctional for anyones mental health, let alone an ill man. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is depressed but the events that develop during the play exacerbate his descent into madness. Not some(prenominal) people in the Kingdom of Denmark escape the toxicity of the world in which they lived. Ophelia may have suffered the most, and was also tormented by Hamlets illness, and eventually by saw no other option but to end her life. Depression and despair seemingly became as contagious as the small pox- and just as untreatable.Hamlets mental state and the events in his life may have finally drove him to madness. The reader may first believe that Hamlet is faking his dementia, when in fact, his mental dysfunctions were both total (of biological origin)and very real. Among the mentally ill it is common to see a mentally vulnerable individual succumb to the pressures of his environment. That person may have been able to keep their illness in check in a stable environment, but when external stressor s mount- they may not have the bed behaviors to cope and they escalate out of control.Suicide, in our modern world, is often a result of life stressors the vulnerable person could no longer manage. Had Hamlet not been murdered, his suicidal impulses may have caused him to self destruct. Psychiatry was just emerging as a science during the time Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. Robert Burton, the most celebrated author on melancholy from the Renaissance, first published his Anatomy of Melancholy in 1621. Burton, who was afflicted with melancholy himself suggested treatments from taking hellebore to boring a hole in the skull to let out the fuliginous vapours, while adding his consolations (Burton ).Had Hamlet legitimate the services of Burton, it is probable that if the hellebore didnt work, the hole in the skull would have left Hamlet disabled or dead. In conclusion, the question persists Is it possible to be sane in an insane world full of treachery, revenge, incest, and moral corrupti on? It appears that the majority of people is somewhat resilient and can cope with adversity to a certain degree. However, there are people like Ophelia and Hamlet who are vulnerable to chaotic conditions. These people tend to attribute the trauma and dont have the coping mechanisms to deal with hot emotional situations.It is fascinating that Shakespeare had the insight to connect intolerable conditions with states of mental vulnerability. Madness was a catch-all term for all mental disorders in Shakespeares time, but through his dialogue and scenery, he was able to identify numerous mental states of dysfunction- centuries before we had terminology to describe these illnesses in diagnostic terms. Shakespeares distinctness in describing a mentally-ill prince is why Hamlet has endured over time. The issues, diseases, desires, fears and dreams remain ceaseless over time among humanity. To be, or not to be will constantly be relevant in more ways than life and death. Our views on m ental illness and physical ailments that relate to Melancholia are endless, and therefore so is our application of each possibility to Shakespeares work of Hamlet. Sources Diagnostic manual of arms DMV-IV Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. Ed. Floyd Dell and Paul JordanSmith, NewYork Tudor Publishing Co. , 1941. Morin, Gertrude. Depression and prejudicial Thinking A Cognitive Approach to Hamlet. Mosaic A daybook for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 25. 1 (1992) 112.

Life in the Orange Prison Essay

I n invariably really aliked that eerie-looking expression that always stood towering over me. Its orange walls and antique framework did non give me an comfortable feeling, although my imagination of a 5 year gaga told me that it did try to present a fai ade of spurious geniality with those widely welcoming staircases leading to the scarecrow door and the colourful flowers skirting the yard. My national self sent a shiver down the spine as I reluctantly followed my parents through Hells gates. I truly believed that the building, which was to be my school for the next six years, was non much break-dance than an internment camp.So, on the startle day of school, I was directed to my cell. The schoolroom was filled with a group of children of my size sitting on a circular carpet. The sight was peculiar the collection of boys and girls from all over the existence ga thered in a room no bigger than my flat back in Hong Kong. It was like a tossed salad, with potatoes from J apan, cabbage from Australia, lettuce from Canada, tomatoes from Europe, and now theres me rice from China. I sat on the floor among the separate fidgety bodies. In front of us sat a pompous woman with blond hair and a pointy nose.She pointed at a placard with orchard apple trees and numbers on it and asked a question, which I identified because of the raised cede towards the extirpate of the phrase. Oh no, and then her watery blue eyes smiled at me. Shed chosen me I could feel heat rushing towards my calculate and for a mummyent I thought tears would betray my composure. But I simply stared back at her looking from the numbered apple to her face, then from her face back to the apple. What does she want? My gaze at her yelled for help, pleading for excuse.It wasnt after a few weeks of continuous pointing to a new numbered apple on the board that I realized the whole thing equal a calendar. Then, it make all sense to me. Day school was non the worst part yet, because event ually I learned to speak side of meat fluently with other(a) students. We neer had homework to do and the challenge in school was really to suck fun. At first I struggled hard, as I lacked the means of communication. But eventually the language was programmed into my head and subconsciously I became a fluent English speaker.As I shed menti mavend, there was another part of my childhood which was even gloomier than day school. And that withal took place in the very same building that I feel to become the bane of my young carefree life. Upon arriving in avant-gardecouver for 6 months, my mom introduced me to Chinese school. The belief baffled me. We were black haired people moving to a white skinned territory learning the yellow skinned language. alike(p) many things that were beyond my comprehension and control, I complied with my moms decision. For some(prenominal) reason I was learning Chinese in Canada, I loathed the idea and did not look forward to the classes.My insti ncts did not lie to me. After the first 2 hours of class I was determined that I would never ever spend another minute with that old, squeaky voiced t from individually oneer, with that cheesy envisioned book, and with those curvy, criss-cross, inscrutable characters. I absolutely despised Chinese. But, with as much reliance a little of girl of my size could hold, I did in the end re reverse to that very intimidating classroom, pick up that very subfusc book, and learned those very perplexing characters. Once a week we would have dictation of the chapter we learned the previous class.The instructor would simply read knocked out(p) a paragraph while we tried to spare down each word perfectly. To put it bluntly, we were to learn the chapter verbatim. As pointless as it may sound, it was not an easy thing for me to do. In fact, it was painful. Absolutely flesh pinching. separately night before the dictation, Id be sitting at my crowded desk with a lamp shining precisely over m y head, and staring at the jumble of words. Sitting there, I would circle all the words that I didnt know how to write, and copy it over and over again until I could trace the word with my eyes closed.It was a tedious task for me because the chapter unremarkably ended up with circles around either other word, if not every word. Worse yet, my mom would be sitting right next to me. With each mistake I made, either forgetting a simply word or missing a dot on the line, she would scorn at me. Of course, with that frame of chaperoning, I solitary(prenominal) became more frustrated and angry both at myself for being dumb, and my mom for being impatient. Now, looking back I assumet blame her it took me over one hour to learn one single paragraph.Dictation was not the toughest part of Chinese class because what I wrote and what mark I received would only remain between the instructor and me. However, reading aloud in class was a different story. It was like stripping in front of the entire class and exposing the most awkward flaws of my body to them for scrutiny. Whenever it was reading time, my stomach would lurch, and as each student entire his or her part, my intestines would tie yet another knot until finally when it was my turn my body would be so tangled that I could no long-term work my diaphragms properly to speak.I made as little mental disturbance as possible, thinking that if I spoke quiet enough the teacher would con through with(p) my mistakes and let me pass. However, the teacher was not easily satisfied she made me read again, this time only louder. Protruding my voice in front of the class was as hard as asking a tailfin year old to lift a 50 pound dumbbell. My hands became clammy and I felt as if a furnace was working inside(a) me. I could imagine other students seeing lucent flames embodying me. Once the teacher asked me to stop, the relief was indescribable everything seemed to stop, the flames ceased to burn me and nothing else aro und me mattered anymore.I was done reading I was out of the spotlight. My aversion for Chinese school never alleviated. As the paragraphs in the chapters grew longer and the characters more complex, my understanding of the language only became more dubious. I was like a defeated salmon that could not swim against the current and as a result was pushed backwards. But a lucky salmon I was, a savior from my class rescued me. Her differentiate was Katy. Each time we received our dictation marks, I would be grateful if hers was less than 20 marks higher than mine. As the sr. girl, she was very bossy in front of me.And I, always been the submissive one, yielded to her, entirely I did not mind because I thought what I got in return was worth it. Katy helped me with my Chinese homework. She would help me copy those hand cleanup spot notes, and during dictation she would peek at what I didnt get and write the answer on a scrap piece of paper and inconspicuously nudge it over. I was indeb ted to her. As life in that exertion became easier, an unsettling sense of guilt started to stir inside me. Once every year, the Chinese school principle would organize a dinner party at the school cafeteria.There were lots of fun at those parties there was a magician pulling ribbons from hat, gift exchanges between anonymous people, long tables of home-brewed spaghetti, chicken wings, sausages, cookies, and pudding. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could never fully enjoy myself at the party. Throughout the party I would be worrying about the closing speech that the principle would make. I was torture by the fear that he might expose my cheating to my beau classmates and most importantly, to my mom. A part of me really anticipated this humiliation or devastation.Each time the principle spoke my stomach flinched as a natural reflex, but of course, not once did he mention my name or the notion of cheating on tests. Call me gullible, nai ve or any(prenominal) you want, but t hat instinctive feeling of being exposed really pursue me. At the end of the six years spent in Van Horne Elementary School, now head overlooking other heads, voice overcoming other voices, I once again stepped through the gates of Hell. Only this time, I stepped into the blinding sunlight and the honking of cars. I no longer felt the building towering over me.

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It 210 Week 4 Check Point 1

1 Decl are CountAge As Integer 2 Declare SumAge As Float 3 Declare Age As Float 4 Declare ParticipantAverold age As Float 5 tidy sum CountAge 0 6 Set SumAge 0 7 Write put down one age. enroll 0 when done. 8 Input Age 9 slice Age 0 10 Set CountAge = CountAge + 1 11 Set SumAge = SumAge + Age 12 Write Enter an instrumentalist age. Enter 0 when done. 13 Input Age 14 End While 15 Set ParticipantAverage = SumAge / CountAge 16 Write Your age average is + AgeAverage * Lines 16 declare and initialize the variables. Line 7 asks for the first age and also explains that when you are finished entering the age for a busy set, you fag end by entering 0. * The first Age is input on line 8. * Lines 914 are the loop. It sums the age entered and it keeps appear of how many ages were entered. * In Line 10 keeps give chase of how many ages are entered. For each pass through the loop, CountAge is incremented by 1. If you enter three ages forrader you end the program by entering 0, the loo p will follow out three times and CountAge will be equal to 3.If you enter 5 ages, the loop will execute 5 times and CountAge will be equal to 5. * Line 11 keeps a sum of every the participant ages. To compute your participant average age, you must divide the sum of all your participants ages by the number of participants, so lines 10 and 11 keep track of the information we need to compute the average at the end. * Lines 12 and 13 ask the user for the next participants age and gets the next input. Here, if youre done, you can enter a 0. * Line 14 ends the loop when the user enters a zero. * Line 15 computes the average and line 16 displays that average.

Film Noir Elements in the movie Memento Essay

There is yet to be a definition to be created to accurately capture the genre of Noir in charge. The concept was first coined by French snap critics who noniced the course of action of how dark, downbeat and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France to theatres following the war( necessitate Noir). The term noir is a French interchange which literally means black or dark. The connotation tie to the term new-mader on came to be those films which depicted crime, strangeness, cruelty, brutality, violence and identical different attri plainlyes.The period for Noir films flourished in the 1940s up to the 1950s, which were aptly called the clean noir period in word pictures. Later on, from the 1960s up to the current times, other types of noir films were conceptualized manage the neo-noir and the science fiction noir, all concepts of which were derived from or echoed the accepted stainless noir genus. Memento is one photogr aph which typifies the film noir genre in that it has numerous elements which categorically makes it as one. Primarily, the founding of a lonely, conf utilise and troubled booster unit (Schoenherr) is there.Add to this the other elements like the black-and-white scenes, the struggle, the seemingly bleak situations, the crimes perpetrated, the resistivity investigations, the voice-overs of the lead vitrine, evil, paranoia and deception among other things. An interesting feature of this film though is the story unfolding from its end going up to the supposed sign scenes which took place. It is not narrated exactly in a circular motion but rather they atomic number 18 presented in chunks of al virtually 10 minutes each. deflection from this, there is the alternate exhibit of the colored and black-and-white formats to add narration and further expound on the sequence of events. snap noir operates on specific companionable, cultural and historical contexts. In this p artistic creationicular film, the social context habitd is that of the protagonist becoming a different man after the mishandle and murder of his wife. Leonard or Lenny loses his memory after he shoots his wifes rapist and he is shoved and clubbed by the rapists companion. His head hits the rear mirror, and from then on, he becomes afflicted with Anterograde Amnesia or not being able to retain his short-term memory.Lennys memories before the happening are intact and his last memories are of his wife being murdered, hence, his ever- stick out quest to avenge her death. Most people now think of Lenny as a freak for not being able to remember thoughts, names, faces and events which are a regular interrupt of the memory of normal people since he forgets his thoughts and the things he does after 15 minutes or so. However, Lenny struggles to keep his saneness by taking Polaroid intellectual pictures and immediately labeling them, writing down his estimates, and tattooing the more tha n central thoughts on his body.Having no family to call his own, he lives in a motel live and is suspicious of everyone. His careers direction is motivated by requital and a major part of the film is spent on this go for to kill. The cultural context of the film is the type of culture that was used in the movie. The setting is roughtime during the 2000s in Nevada. It is not shown if the protagonist had a roofy of friends before the incident which led to his condition, but it is presumed that it was probably a case of not wanting to be identified with someone with a stigma of psychological illness.The only friend who was identified as someone who knew Lenny immediately after the calamity was Teddy, who was the one who helped Lenny to find and kill the original murderer of his wife, and then again Jimmy G. who was as well as killed by Lenny. As such, it meant that the culture held a discriminating attitude towards this mental illness. Pertaining to historical context, the institutionalise of tattooing as a body art was prevalent from the late nineties up to the 2000s. This was a period when tattooing was no longer considered as objects of deviation done in prison cells but rather as an art form to express oneself.In the movie, the lead portion made use of tattoos on his body to remind himself of essential facts/details which he eternally wanted to be reminded of. Although not used as an art form, the existence of tattoo parlors in the locality denoted an acceptance of the form of self-expression, which worked quite head for Lenny. It was in addition a time when Polaroids were popularly used and Leonard fully dog-tired the Polaroids capability to assist him in remembering people and places with his depressing mental condition. According to, the primary moods of classic film noir were melancholy, alienation, bleakness, disillusionment, disenchantment, pessimism, ambiguity, moral corruption, evil, guilt, desperation and paranoia (Fi lm Noir). These themes are evident in the seclusion, isolation and omnipresent monologues of the lead purpose who wanted to establish the links to find meaning in his bread and butter. A wide array of emotions ranging from suspicion, confusion, naivete, loneliness, alienation, hatred, and bewilderment among others were efficiently delivered by the lead worker to the attestants who empathized with him in his daily struggle to survive.Noir movies graphemeistically buzz off a protagonist who is usually reclusive, generally disturbed and honey oilly pessimistic. The lead oddball in Memento is not the typical protagonist since he lives his life everyday like a clean new slate. Just like the first part of this movie where a Polaroid picture was being undeveloped, Lenny lived his life always careworn to find out what he had been doing and what he should be doing next. His ultimate aim was to find his wifes killer, a line which Teddy assists him with.Although he is somewhat of the withdrawn type, Lenny is still enthusiastic about life and is confident that his Polaroids, notes and tattoos are taking him somewhere. Different noir styles were too sheer throughout the film. One is that storylines were often elliptical, non-li upright and twisting (Film Noir) which connotes the unique presentation customarily associated with noir. Regular films are often presented in a way where the story unfolds conventionally from beginning to end.The story told bandagingwards and in bits and pieces was a unique way of entrancing the audience into being an active histrion in the life of Leonard, punishing to come up with his/her own conclusions or links to previous scenes and events. Amnesia suffered by the protagonist was a common spell device (Film Noir) which was obviously the illness which the lead character was afflicted with. This sort of justified the way with which Lenny killed the possible murderers without remorse or guilt since his brain was devoid of any emot ions relating to pity and mercy.Furthermore, it is verbalise that the protagonists in film noir were normally driven by their past or by human weakness to repeat former mistakes(Film Noir) which is what happens to Lenny as the film unfolds. It is only after in the movie that it is revealed that Lenny had already killed his wifes murderer, and Teddy had even taken a Polaroid shot of him after the said killing. It was due to his mental condition that Lenny was not able to remember the incident which Teddy later used to his advantage in getting unblock of Jimmy G. who was a drug dealer.The original story of Memento was an imagination brought forward by the brother of the movies director, Jonathan Nolan in the late 1990s. The storyline was finished after several months and director Christopher Nolan came up with the idea that he wanted to tell the movie backwards, hence the screenplay was pull wiresd in a way where shot sequences were cut up into small bits. In betwixt the colored takes were the non-colored shots to denote two timelines of what was the past and the present respectively.At some point towards the end of the movie, the black-and-white scene becomes colored specifically when Lenny takes the Polaroid picture of the dead Jimmy G, who was the second murder suspect endorsed by Teddy. This mean the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Leonard, and the true rootage of the story which somehow tragically ends with the death of its instigator, Teddy. The artistry presented in the film being of a different genre is as previously mentioned for the close to part seen in the storys presentation to the viewer.The lead actor was also shown in black-and-white scenes and colored ones which showed contrasting characters one, the rugged, unshaven, unkempt, menacing and confused character who shoots the gun at Jimmy G. in black-and-white, and the other, the suit-clad formally dressed and more confident Lenny who drives a Jaguar in colored film. This impl ies that the principal(prenominal) character had good and bad traits, although the bad traits were more emphasized but later exposed to be manipulations done by some of the other characters in the plot.One of these characters is Natalie who represents the femme fatale element in the movie, and who adds further intricacies to the plot and manipulates Lenny into a mental tug-of-war with Teddys statements. The cinematography of the film was excellent as violence was done where it was necessary, and accurate illumination was also appropriately achieved. Editing was also good e peculiar(prenominal)ly in the cuts of the film that had to be fed in several lumps, and in two different formats of color and B&W. tenacity in the film was smooth and flowed effortlessly. The film scoring was suitable and evoke empathy from the viewer in the scenes where dialogues were not really necessary. The closest thing to special effects in the film was the way that the first sequence was presented to the viewer where the Polaroid shot was being undeveloped instead of the other way around. It goes back up to the time Lenny shoots Teddy and the latter was screaming for his life.Acting in the film was superb. Guy Pearce as Leonard was able to deliver all the emotions pass judgment from him and thus elicited the required compassion from the viewer. Teddy, Natalie, Sammy Jankins and all the other actors also did a good job in making the plot more focused on the plight of the main character, thereby allowing Lenny to stand out. The movie Memento has some allusions to significant theories and concepts. One of these is the concept of Cultural Materialism.The most active proponent of Cultural Materialism is Marvin Harris and the premise of this theory is that the social life of a human being is a direct retort to problems arising from his earthly existence. Leonards actions can be rationalized as a practice of cultural materialism because he is merely responding to his problems instead of taking a proactive role in it. This is due in large part to his illness which he cannot control and which allows him to be manipulated by some peculiar characters in the film.Existentialism is another concept which is apparent in this movie. The plot evolves around the lead character, Leonard, who tries to find meaning in his existence as he grapples with his affliction rendering him confused and stressed at most times. He tries hard to think and look back but cannot, and this is what leads him to try to devise ways in which he could remember things, events, places and people who have somehow played an important role in his life, after the accident which claimed his short-term memory.Lastly, there is the hint of self-determination as seen in the main character as he tries his best to make decisions without the influence of others. Unfortunately, he was not aware of the subtle approach which was used by the movies disreputable characters who were always one step ahead of him in his plans. Still, it was revealed near the movies end that Lenny was also utilizing his selective memory to manipulate the situation in such a way as to be able to create and continually re-create his motives for vengeance.Since finding the possible suspects to his wifes murder was the only impetus which kept him alive, it was a deal he had to satiate, and hence, an inspiration which kept him continually in pursuit of. References Schoenherr. rewrite 4/11/03. Characteristics of Film Noir. Retrieved from http//history. sandiego. edu/gen/filmnotes/filmnoir. html Film Noir. 2010. Retrieved from http//www. filmsite. org/filmnoir. html Film Reference Ryder, A. , Tyrer, W. & Ball, C. (Producer) & Nolan, C. (Director). 2001. Memento. United States New Market Films.

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In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

In The Adventures of huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain juxtaposes huckabacks adventurous and liberating excursion along with Jim on the raft d swindlesume the river multiple sclerosis with the corrupt livelihood-time that allows unconscious acceptance to the values of society on the shore.The novel unf of age(predicate)s Hucks inner mind and records his learning and lesson development as he encounters morally corrupt and crooked good deal on his journey to freedom. The novel contrasts between the constricting aliveness on the shore and the freedom offered by the journey on the river. Though Hucks raft deciphers the river towards its downward journey, he goes over against the stream in his bearing learning on his own the hard realities of feel.Huck eng quiters the two flush sisters widow woman Douglas and leave out Watson, who adopt him, as the true representatives of the society that is ground on hypocritical religious and ethical values. Though Widow Douglas is much pati ent and gentle towards Huck, he finds her c be and concern quite differencerictive.When she puts him in new clothes he could do nonhing but tonus cramped sweating a lot. He does non find every meaning in prayer before the dinner and in the stories of Moses and the Bulrushers who were bloodless long time ago. Though the life in the c ar of Widow Douglas is decent and dignified, cozy and comfortable, Huck does not like it much. He find outs his old ways of living argon the best. Living in a put up and sleeping in a bed pulled on me pretty preposterous mostly, but before the cold weather I used to veer out and sleep in the woods sometimes, and so that was a rest to me. I liked the old ways Best. (Twain 13)He finds Miss Watsons attempts to sivilize him most annoying. For him, she is the best example of severe and unforgiving laws of Christian life which atomic number 18 against his individual freedom. He feels Miss Watson she kept pecking at me, and it got tiresome and loneso me. He is so vexed with the ways of living infra the care of Miss Watson that he feels one night quite low-spirited and feels I felt so lonesome I most wished I was dead. (Twain 5)When Miss Watson insists that he should pray he can not find some(prenominal) reason to pray when his prayers are not answered by God. When he asks her to try for him she calls him a fool. Huck tries several times in his own way asking God for the things he wanted, but he could not find any response from God. He finds it quite impractical. He does not find any advantage for him in praying for others as told by Widow. He finds a lot of difference between Widow and Miss Watson who twain pray and teach the aforesaid(prenominal) things to him slightly Providence. The following lines best beautify his reason of his two guardians who differ a lot in their attitude.I judged I could see that at that place was two Providences, and a poor lumberman would stand considerable show with the widows Providence, but if Miss Watsons got him there reprehendt no help for him any more. (Twain 11)Hucks father, Pap, an incorrigible bust up with his disgusting and ghostlike expression in tattered clothes, represents the generally debased white society and the failed family. Pap, who is endlessly after the money earned by Huck, feels jealous of his sons education when his son is living with Widow Douglas and going to school. He not however kidnaps his son but in addition virtually imprisons him in a cabin in the woods and beats him completely drunk. In fact, he set ups dangerous and provides the immediate and most potent cause for Hucks execute from the society on the shore.On the contrary, he finds a trust and caring surrogate father in Jim who accompanies him in his escape from the shore. Jim, a run forth slave from the erect of Miss Watson, stands for strong family relationship, nobility and loyalty. He takes the extreme step of running away from Miss Watsons house as he suspects he wou ld be sold for another reign which will eventually separate him from his family. Though he seems superstitious and ignorant, he is an intelligent man with a deep understanding of human life. Jim he was well(p) he was most always right he had an grotesque level head for a nigger. (Twain 55).There is a strong link of friendship and understanding between Huck and Jim on the raft. Both are desperately in need of defending themselves from the selfish plenty in the society. The raft on the river Mississippi provides them an opportunity to save their lives. It offers them the much infallible freedom. The following passage aptly conveys their dire need to run away from society.I was powerful glad to conquer away from the fights, and so was Jim to get away from the swamp. We said there warnt no family like a raft, after all. Other blots do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft dont. You feel powerful free and easy and comfortable on a raft. (Twain 83)The life on the raft is different in umteen ways from the life that is found on the shore. Theraft provides them not only as escape from the corrupt and selfish people, but withal an opportunity to be what they are and to do what they like. It gives them a unique opportunity to explore their true identicalness and their stand in relation to many things in life. They are close at hand(predicate) to their true nature on the raft in the lovable and world powery presence of the river and the woods. It offers them unrestricted and uninhibited freedom. Huck feels happy and liberated on the raft and expresses the similar in the following wordsIts lovely to live on a raft. We had the sky up there, all dashed with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and establish about whether they was made or only just happened. (Twain 84)Twain has brilliantly contrasted the plight of a white boy with that of a slave Jim. The fib of the novel revolves around these two uses that are almost in the same boat with similar problems. As luck would have it, they make out the same raft in their escape for freedom.Huck finds Jims presence on the raft comforting and supportive as Jim is practical, intelligent and trustworthy though, at times, he seems sentimental. Jim not only cooks food for Huck but also protects him from dangers. Jims acts of selflessness and his longing to meet his family have left an unerasable impression on Huck. Huck is very determined till the end to save Jim and to get him free.However, the life on the raft is not without its share of dangers and threats. Huck and Jim get separated when their raft is hit by a steamer in the river. Hucks encounter with the family of Grangerfords exposes him to pretentious brilliance that people attach to their familys honor or prestige. Huck suspects slowly the chassishearted and gentle people in the family, there is an unreasonable feud between them and the Shepherdsons. It makes no sentiency to Huck. Many of the people belonging to these families fleet in a bitter gun fight from which Huck as luck would have it escapes.After facing many challenging spatial relations Huck and Jim once again continue their journey on the raft further towards the south. The two con artists who ask for help and seek refuge on the raft prove dangerous to Huck in the end. The two con artists involve in various crimes at times claiming to be the descendants of royal family and sometimes, pretense to be great actors and evangelists. They once again remind the crookedness of the people in the society on the shore.The raft has be an excellent place to enjoy the perfect freedom and bliss without any interference. Though Jim is there with him all the time, he is silent and provided a good company with his reconciling nature. Huck enjoys Jims company and the journey most. He expresses his happiness saying,It was kind of solemn, drifting down the big, still river, laying on our backs looking up at the stars, and we didnt ever feel like talking loud, and it warnt often that we laughed only a little kind of a low chuckle. (Twain 47)The long journey on the raft has provided Huck with many opportunities to learn new things and develop his own logic. Every challenge he faces presents him with an opportunity to entail about it deeply and to come to a shutting which he feels right. His association with Jim on the raft has given him opportunity to think clearly and form his own opinion without any interference. He prefers to follow his own instinct and logic than to accept the unquestioned conventions of the society.Hucks determination to save Jim when he is caught demonstrates his maturity and broadness of understanding. Huck has to endure an internal struggle to overcome some of the notions that have been ingrained in him by the society. Every time Huck faces a problem he applies his mind and comes out with a decision what he feels right, though it might look wrong and offending to the white community . He takes help from gobbler Sawyer in rescuing Jim finally.Huck loses his faith in the society that has failed to protect him. Though the Widow tried her best to give him what he has missed, it has proved imperfect to mould him. His growing distance from the society makes him skeptical about it. His natural intelligence and his ability to think through a situation have enabled him to form his own right conclusions. Thus, he creates his own rules and develops his character throughout the journey.Twain depicts the society around Huck with people who are degraded in their values. The actions of these people defy logic and commonsense. For example, when the judge allows Pap, the wreck and disgusting drunkard, to keep custody of Huck, he gives more importance to the right of ownership than to the welfare of the innocent boy. It clearly depicts the social system that has go in its moral standing. It highlights the white mans rights over his keeping whether it is a slave or a son.The M ississippi River plays the most pregnant role in the novel providing freedom and refreshing experience to Huck and Jim who are in their quest for freedom. They travel from their kin town St. Petersburg, Missouri, trade union of St. Louis, hundreds of miles into the Deep South. The odyssey down the river lends the story a mystic element go contentment to the people who come in search of freedom.The river with its power and magnificence sets a meaningful background to the story that contrasts life on the river with the life on the shore. The river plays the role of liberating influence on the two characters Huck and Jim. It is the only place where they can feel at home though they are on a raft. Huck arrives at the conclusion that the idyllic life, pacification and brotherhood of himself and Jim have given him more satisfaction and a sense of freedom and understanding as opposed to the inhumanity, the feud and the degenerated values of society.Thus, it is a journey in search of understanding and freedom leaving female genitals the so called sivilization that destroys innocence and enslaves human beings. In short, Hucks journey is from unthinking acceptance of received values and knowledge to an independently achieved understanding of what is right. It is journey from boyhood to manhood, from servitude to freedom. T. S. Eliot, the great English poet and critic of the twentieth century who also grew up on the banks of the same river says, the river makes the guard a great book It has fired the imagination of the boy Huck and became the only real home for him.ReferenceTwain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn http//

In What Ways Does Euripides Explore Issues Of Race, Gender And Class?

* What do you think Euripides views are on this issue* Would an Athenian audience agree with him?Euripides explores these fields mainly by putting send on the character of Medea. In other words, the treat manpowert of her character in the exercise mainly by the other members of the society which she finds herself defines the listed issues above race, gender and class.Euripides presents the make-up of race mainly with the character of Medea. On our first acquaintance, Medea especially points out the fact that she is a foreign cleaning lady coming among saucy laws. This makes obvious where she stands in the society, as foreigners are regarded as inferior to the touchable Hellenics. By this, Euripides presents a form of racism eminent in the life history of the ancient classics. Also, Medeas race was believed to be barbaric or sub-human which too contri hardlyes to the case why her character is diminished. Jason refers to her roots as a barbaric homeland which suggests a feeling of superiority.Another aspect in which Euripides explores the guinea pig of race is through the supremacy of the Greeks, which makes evident the predominance of their race in the ancient times. This is exemplified by the reference to Jasons journey to the Colchis in Medeas speech, where he steals the Golden Fleece. This presents the greed and policy-making oppression of the Greeks, which are obvious elements of racism and colonialism. This is similar to the tradition of the flop nations of the world in the recent centuries. Through this, a satirical olfactory modality offers throughout the play, as Euripides is able to recreate the superior and dominating temperament of a very powerful foreigner living in the Greek community. In my purview, I think the Greeks would puddle disliked Medea due to the fact that she has a history of insubordinate behaviour, thereby standing against their very Greek norms and beliefs.Also, the relationship between Aegeus and Medea also ech o the treatment of foreigners in ancient Greece. He tells Medea that he does not intend to take her a air with him to Corinth. This makes evident the political view regarding the banishment of foreigners. As she is exiled from one domain of Greece, she has to be snuck into another region, which portrays the unfairness of the society, brought about by the mere issue of race.Euripides presents the theme of gender as one of the most dominating and important themes which run through out the play. This is because Medea acts contrary to the perceived way by which women are to expected to be stand. By this I mean to be loyal to their husbands, regular if it means suppressing their views on both moral and political issues that affect them. Medea is describe as a wide bull by the nurse. This simile makes us certified of her viciousness. It is important that I not that the use of the word, bull symbolizes her likeness to men rather than what is expected of a woman in the Greek mount Medea is also characterized with great cleverness and wit, though she is a woman.She is able to verify all the powerful male characters, which are satirically presented as gullible. Creon, a very powerful character, the King of Corinth says I fear youyet nonetheless, Medea you shall hand over what you ask for even though he is aware of her evil capabilities. Also, Jason, her husband, a very powerful character with a legendary history is also easily exploited and convinced, due to Medeas shrewdness. I am pleased Medea that you have changed your mind. Thus, Medea is characterised as a rebel in the society. In my opinion I feel that the Greeks would have found this rather annoying, as they were employ to seeing women less oppressive, like Medea.Euripides might have therefore been plaguy the Greek mentality of women in his society, as he presents his female characters to be more knowledgeable than the men. A contrasting opinion is however do evident in the latter part of the play, as Eu ripides view on women is of a different light. In one of Medeas speeches, she says, we women are the most worthless. This might be interpreted as Euripides own opinion of women in his society or one of Medeas cynical comments on the situation she finds herself in. The nature of Euripides view on the female gender is therefore ambiguous.Another way in which Euripides explores the theme of gender is through the characters of the Chorus. These are the average Athenian women, thus they represent the view of the majority. The chorus also represent insurrection to their society as they tend to have sympathy for Medea, even in her selfish actions. This is sort of a slap in the face for the leaders of the society- Jason and Creon, as they stand views contrast with one another. They refer to Medea as the joyless woman from Colchis. Perhaps, Euripides, by this means is putting forward, cry for equality in the society.The theme of class is explored by various characters in the play. Unlike , the previous themes, it involves more characters much(prenominal) as the nurse and the tutor, who are symbols of sympathy for Medea. Poor woman Has she not stopped crying yet?The first group of great deal presented to us in the play are of a lower class, compared to Medea- the educate and the Nurse. Unlike the other characters who oppose her status in the society, these two characters relieve her feelings of anger and regret. They are therefore like her only companions as Jason has flea-bitten her. It was too much, I couldnt bear it, says the nurse as if it were her that is suffering from such betrayal. Perhaps, this is what becomes of the lower class, as they get attached to their masters who employ them and have no form of power to influence the disasters that take place.Finally, Medea makes evident, a cart track theme of class in the play. She is simply of a very high gear class, as she is the wife of a King. This thereby contributes the power she is entitled to in the s ociety. It is however difficult to pin point exactly where Medea stands, as she is obviously respected in the society, but not shown to be of great wideness to some characters, such as Creon due to the fact that she is banished by him. I have made my mind up, you are my enemy. Her barbaric reason also contributes to her high class as she is a Princess. In my opinion, I do not believe that the Greeks would have recognized her class but not necessarily respected her character due to those reason. I personally dont think this was particularly reflected in the play by Euripides, rather, he heavy on building her character on more intellectual grounds such as her cleverness.In conclusion, I think Euripides is able to explore these themes in great detail giving us different opinions which maybe sometimes ambiguous, as we are not able to know what he is thinking. This, in my opinion is what makes the play a very well pen work of art and I think it also would have appealed to the Gree ks.

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Christian attitudes to Infertility Essay

Infertility is the inability for a couple to conceive a child by the natural processes or after a year of trying.This can happen for a bit of reasons. One of the reasons could be stress. As we live in a society with high expectations for people to be successful it puts people under enormous amounts of stress which could ca function them to bend unfertile. other(prenominal) problem a couple could face is that either the humankind or cleaning woman could have been born infertile or unmatched of them has an STD (sexually transmitted disease) .Another could be dieting , as or so wo manpower and men diet excessively to reach size zero it causes the womans periods to stop which will in turn cause hormone imbalances which may make a woman infertile. Women could become infertile for a number of other reasons such as smoking, alcohol, age or being dense or underweight . Men can also become infertile for a number of reasons such as alcohol, drugs, age and radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer.This makes keep hard for married couples because the wish for a child is too strong. Although some couples can accept god chose for them not to have a child , some others will go to any lengths for a child.There be a number of different treatments for infertile couples. The most common is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).In Vitro means in candy in Latin which is the way the egg is fertilised. It is a technique were an egg is taken from the womans womb and placed on a dish and sperm cellatozoon is taken from the man and used to fertilise the egg on the glass . Once the egg has been fertilised and has began to senesce as a fetus it is enter back into the womans womb where it grows for 9 months.The second is Surrogacy. Surrogacy is where another(prenominal) woman carries the baby for another couple who ar unable to do so. An egg is taken from the infertile woman and a sperm from the ally and is fertilised then inserted into the surrogates womb where it grows and when the child is born it is given back to the couple.Another treatment is Artificial Insemination By Donor (AID) . This is a treatment where the sperm of a donor , who is usually unknown to the couple , is medically inserted into the recognise of the womans womb where it fertilises the egg and grows into a child .The last treatment is egg donation . This is similar to AID ,only an egg from a donor who is usually unknown to the couple , is fertilised in a lab then medically inserted into the infertile womans womb to grow into the child .Georgia AllenAO2Christian attitudes to asepsis.Catholics have very strong views about infertility treatments which require research which are done on embryos which Catholics reassure and class as a human life. Catholics are only against IVF as it leads to spare embryos being created and then are being used for experiments some(prenominal) scientific and medical. The embryos may even be thrown away , Catholics are against this because it is a life of a child and it has rights . Catholics are also against infertility treatments because children are supposed to be created through and act of love and infertility treatments interfere with what Gods plans for that couple and no body has the right to play God. other(a) Christians have opposite views about infertility treatments than catholics. They think infertility treatments are a good thing as it brings new life to the adult male and makes a couple happy. Some Christians might object to treatments where a donor is involved as some people class this as fornication because it involves somebody else in the marriage and that is wrong because it is in the ten commandments. They do keep back with AIH as it involves no tierce party and is just amongst a husband and wife. Some Christians are against fertility treatments for unmarried couples or woman past the child bearing age and even homosexuals. As they think that it is not the way God planned it to be .Muslims agree to most treatments as long as they involve no third party and all natural methods of conception have failed . Muslims are completely against surrogacy and adoption . Muslims believe treatments such as AIH and IVF are ok because they use the sperm of the husband and no other person is involved. Islam is against AIH because it has been donated by another man and is seen as adultery .

Gladiator: Comparison from the movie to actual history Essay

In the flick, many things portray are the same as what rattling happened in Roman news report. nearly things though, are a little different in the actual accounting of capital of Italy than in the movie. Scenes were changed in the movie in like manner, to make the plot to a longer extent interesting. I connected what I could between the movie and the actual tale of Rome.Maximus was the general of Rome and a really good general at that. He lead Rome to many victories. He was so great and loyal that in the movie, Marcus Aurelius actually asked him to succeed him in the throne. When Commodus heard this from his father, he killed him and sentenced Maximus to death. When Maximus escaped, he was picked up by a group of men and sell as a slave to become a gladiator. As a gladiator, he fought many different guinea pigs of gladiators. Quicker ones had nets with tridents and slower ones had curved swords with shields. on that point were well-nigh gladiators that crim male child ha d chariots. In the actual history of Rome, there really were different types of gladiators. The gladiators with the net and trident were called the retarius. The gladiator with the curved sword and shield were called the samnite.Im not too sure if there were gladiators that utilise chariots as their weapons but it sounds likely since it is thought that the colosseum was filled up and used for gravy holder wars. Using chariots would be easy for them and entertaining for the crowd. Theres a scene in the movie where its a one on one battle between Maximus and a champion gladiator. Maximus is barely arm and protected. All he has is a sword and shield I believe. The other man has ii swords, a mask for protection, and heavy armor. This shows how each type of gladiator was to fight a different kind of gladiator so the match would be level and fair.In the movie, Commodus is very sneaky and vengeful. He uses murder in his politics as well as. He killed his father, tried to kill Maximus and even wanted to get rid of the senate in order for him to become a true emperor. He thinks the senate is unneeded and believes himself to be more of a flocks person then the actual senators. In history, there was overmuch murder in the government also. The Gracchis were murdered as well as Caesar. Commodus tries to assassinate and kill Maximus since Maximus is supposed to be the successor to the throne later on Marcus Aurelius. In Roman History, the Romansnever developed a formal polity of succession. Although many emperors named their successors, the Roman army often refused to accept the new emperors and assassinate them. This is what Commodus tried to do with Maximus in order for himself to become emperor and rule.Gracchus wants the citizens of Rome to be happy in the movie and makes sure the emperor hears the problems and take of the pot when he councils with him. He even suggests possible solutions to the problems. He seems to be a peoples person very much and knows h ow some of the senators force out be crooked. In Roman history, there were actually two Gracchis who were actually both murdered because they were disliked by crooked senators who used violence to get ahead. The real Gracchis wanted to help the citizens out also. They even used public funds to purchase grain to be interchange to the poor at low prices so they can afford it. They also improved the political status of the equites (business and land owning people.)Lucillia, sister of Commodus, has a son named Lucius. I did some research to find out that her son was named after(prenominal) his father who died in 169 A.D. His name was Lucius Veras. In the movie, she is portrayed as a widow, but, in real history, she remarries to Tiberius Claudius Pompeianus Quintianus of Antioch. In the movie, she joins the plot for the good of the Roman people but she really participated in this plot because she lusted after power. She also supports her chum in the movie but was actually involved in a plot with her cousin to assassinate Commodus and raise her husband up as emperor. The plan was figured out and she was banished to the island of Capri. In the movie, it shows her as out- living her brother but she is actually executed at the island because he changed his mind.As you can see, many things throughout the movie were the same as to what happened in the history of Rome. A few minor details were changed but nothing too noticeable. The only major difference I could see was in Lucillia and how she was portrayed. Her place had to be changed or else the whole movie would have been different and likely more boring. Definitely when you put the two, movie and history, side-by-side, you see how good of a job they really did sticking to the facts and at the same time, making themovie wicked-awesome with its totally cool action.

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Critical Legal Thinking Essay

A state doctrine is a doctrine which states that judges of genius inelegant cannot question the validity of an act committed by another(prenominal) body politic deep down that other countrys borders. It is based on the principle that a country has absolute authority over what transpires within its own territory (Cheeseman, 2013). In the case of Glen v. Club Mediteranee, S.A. this means that because the misadventure of Cubas expropriating the Glens beachfront property to Club Mediteranee, S. A. to build their facility and so not paying the Glens for the property cannot be brought to a U.S. hook to be judged because the incident originated in Cuba and state doctrine states that another country cannot question the validity of an act committed by another country (Cheeseman, 2013, p. 543). The U.S.A. cannot just step in and tell Cuba that their standards and beliefs are wrong.EthicsNo, the Cuban government and Club Mediteranee by ethical, societal, or U.S. standards act morally i n the joint venture of building their facilities on the Glens beachfront property without establishing a contract or making payment to the Glens for their beachfront property. By our high society standards and beliefs, in the U.S.A. this would be considered stealing. Although we might see this as immoral and illicit Cuba may not, because their country may have no compunction to restrain what is not theirs and use it as they see fit does not take back another country the right to sit in judgment because each culture and civilization has their own ethical standards and we cannot place our standards on other countries because that would be unethical.Contemporary BusinessReferencesCheeseman, H. R. (2013). The Legal Environment of Business and Online mercantilism Business Ethics, E-Commerce, Regulatory, and International Issues. Upper Saddle River, N.J Pearson/Prentice Hall. Investment constitution OECD. (2014.).Retrieved fromhttp// tmentpolicy/expropriationlawsandreviewprocesses.htm

Are Teachers Born or Made? Essay

MARKET MODEL is the classification of merchandise meaning, it has more buyers and dole outers . Charles Dar bring forward an English nationalist, once said that in the struggle for survival, the fittest win out, on the expense of their rivals because they have succeeded in adapting themselves best to their environment. This means rival is much more intense in the business, market place where different people compete with each opposite in order to appear on the top and make more profits. This essay will reason noncompetitive competition which is the market structure in which there is a relatively bl induce-up number of take a craprs offering the similar but place products. (Roger Leroy Miller 2000) in businesses competition is important where different people standardized in the question, (Chinese and Indians ) compete with each other in order to emerge on the top and make more profits. this essay will talk over noncompetitive and its associated benefits . Firstly each of the entry and exodus (Roger Leroy miller) for any ..element monopolistic competitor , potential competition is always in the background, since sellers in monopolistic competition worry of losing business. This type of market helps securelys to enter and exit a particular firm without facing problems. The entry and exit of a firms helps to give completion since the entry firms nates come with new ideologies that can drive business of the country. Entry increases the number of products from which customers can choose hence cut back the demand faced by each .. Already in the market (N. Gregory , Malawi 2001) consequently when firms ar making loss, firms in the market has . To exit . as firms exit customers have fewer products from which to chose.Secondly, product differentiation each firm produces a product that is at least slightly different from the other firms, i.e. rather than a price taker, each faces a downward sloping demand curve. (N. Gregory, Malawi 2001) Monopolisti cally competitive firms turn out variations of a particular product, i.e. they produce product with slightly different physical characteristics (McConnell Bruce 2008) for example Chinese goods are slightly different from Indians, goods like luxury goods are clothes and position . Firstly number of firms, each firm has small percentage of the local anaesthetic market and limited . Over market t price. The presence large number of firms ensures that collusion by group of forms to restrict output and hardenedprices is unlikely (McConnell Bruce 2008) independent action with numerous firms in an industry. Create no feeling of independence among them. Each firm can determine its own pricing policy without considering the possible reaction of rival firms. With so umteen a(prenominal) sellers, each seller has a relatively small share of the do market (McConnell Bruce 2008) this makes the circulation of m iodiney very easily as no one will regard other person having more money than him . moral can be of chinese and Indians. However monopolistic competition has many benefits that can contribute to the development of the country. The following are some of the benefits .To come with, it fosters innovation. Competition in business facilitates sellers to sell new things that change the lives of people. For instance, they sell goods like torches, radios that can soften the lives of people at the same clip learn to the development of the country. Further more, availability of visions. Whenever there is competition the resource availability take place. The availability of goods and services creates economic growth that can lead to unlimited wants of consumers hence leads to the development of the country. I.e. if resource are available, it lead the country to develop, since the activities like infrastructures occur.

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FMC Green River Essay

FMC light-green River, peerless of the poses of FMC quite a little presently experiences dilemma regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the stallion fix with admire to virtually other plants of FMC Corporation specifically FMC Aberdeen. Despite of the many year of FMC common River in operation, it has been oertaken by a much younger phoner-FMC Aberdeen in scathe of profitability and operating cost reduction rate. FMC fountain River and FMC Aberdeen expect unalike management orientations and plant operations.But despite of these differences, FMC dark-green River unchanging faces the puzzle of having inefficient plant operations relative to FMC Aberdeen. In this regard, Ken Daily, FMC Green River bus, decided to study the possibility of employ some of the management principles that FMC Aberdeen has been using for the past years of its operations. Organizational and Behavioral Analysis After a critical analysis of the case, Bob Lancaster and his unorthodox way of managing people would be the primary reason why FMC Aberdeen has been experiencing high productivity and efficiency since its establishment.The blanket(a) recruitment process of FMC Aberdeen secured the said plant with dedicated yet practiced written reporters and has passion over taking initiatives in making the entire plant more productive. On the other hand, FMC Green River has a very inverse orientation than of FMC Aberdeen. There is no experience of group effort and teamwork on the floors of FMC Green River plus having more workers on a job theater even if a a few(prenominal) numbers of workers can finish the uniform job at the same quality level.Furthermore, wages of FMC Green River is comparatively higher relative to other FMC Corporations plants all over the United States. Combining this fact with the information that job atomic number 18as in FMC Green River can be performed by less(prenominal) number of people seems to be the reason behind they ar playing in efficiently. They said plant pays workers that are really not contributing to the entire accompany. Worker-management and worker-worker relationship is besides of emit level since working stations of all(prenominal) worker are regain far from one another thereby causing a less moveion between every employee.Ken Daily, though he encourages interaction between the management and the employees, still, given the fact that the working stations of every worker are located far from one another would only find his management style of being interactive and open fail. It has been come out that the structure of the plants of FMC Green River is already old and must be renovated and incorporated in such a way that every workers can interact with each in order for the management style of Daily and FMC Aberdeen to work in FMC Green River.The lax recruitment process of FMC Green River also contributed for the clinical depression productivity of their production floors since not al l of the workers of FMC Green River are skilled enough to assume responsibilities in the said plant. Alternatives One of the achievable alternatives that Daily must implement would be to renovate the structure of FMC Green Rivers plants in such a way that the workers entrust have enough chances of interacting with one another thereby creating an avenue towards the development of sense of teamwork and group effort to attain higher quality output for the company (Binkley, 2007).Another possible alternative that FMC Green River could implement would be to appraise the performances of every employee and earmark sanctions to those that have negative performances. Even though these employees are being protected by the labor union, still, with the basis of not conforming to the standards of FMC Green River, the management can right away fire those employees with low performance and productivity. On the other hand, FMC Green River management must provide incentives to those employees t hat able to surpass the expectations of the management.This ordaining motivate every employees of the said plant to perform productively. FMC Green River must provide a new set of agendas for the entire work force of the plant in such a way that there leave behind be no worker that will be laid off and only the optimal number of workers will only report on a specific day depending on the urgency of the production line. Daily must reach out to his workers and employees to organizing company outings, picnics per department in order to establish a good working relation with the workers and at the same time earning their trust (Weber, 2007).A manager that approaches an ordinary worker will be appreciated by the latter(prenominal) and will boost the morale of every employees of the plant. The last but not the least alternative would be the provision of trainings and seminars for FMC Green Rivers workers that would rear not only their skills but also their outlook on playacting their responsibilities in the company. With this, Ken Daily will be able to maturation the productivity as well as the flexibility of his workers in performing their responsibilities to the company.Recommendation Among the above identified alternatives above, the most effective alternative would be the restructuring of FMC Green Rivers plants in such a way that every workers will have a chance to interact with each other creating enough room for the development of teamwork and cooperation on every workers of FMC Green River. This will increase the productivity of the workers and at the same time the productivity of the plants.If this will become successful, it would be now easy for Daily to approach his workers and make bond as well as to earn their trust and this ascendant will also boost the morale of every workers of FMC Green River (Levit, 2002). slaying and Contingency Plan The renovation of various plants will take one at a time in order not to instill the operation of the entir e company. After this, Daily is expected to launch some activities, as a mood starter, of the interactions of every worker on their new working stations after the renovation process.A few months after this, Daily can now launch activities that would enhance the interaction of employees from various departments and then from various plant to widen the range of interaction in FMC Green River. If this solution will not work, then the restructuring of workers schedule in such a way that all of the workers will still remain in the company yet the optimal number of workers are the ones that will report on a given day in order to minimize their operational cost and increase the productivity of the entire company.

People Management Case Study

The SITUATION the Ben Brooks dilemma Ben Brook, 43 days old, a solid lord with 20 eld of experience at Livingst iodin Corp. , is passing disappointed for non having been promoted chief operating officer of his company. For the first period in his invigoration, he is reflecting just near his individual(prenominal)ised and superior history and choices, trying to get whatsoever lessons for the future. He considers deliverting his company for a CEO job in some other one. The FACTS Ben Brooks someoneal and professional life Our bestir oneselfing point pass on be to understand (through a 3 pages letter) who Ben is as a soul, and as a professional.We can deduce several signalise personality clues, establish on the circumstances in the letter ? An achiever born in 1935, graduate with honors, joins Livingstone at the age of 23, promoted to an important position after only 4 years in the company, promoted youngest ever Executive VP (35 years old) after 12 years in the comp any. ?Loyal to the company and proud of it entire occupational group at Livingstone (20 years) ? Work-aholic at the expense of his family regularly spend evenings and weekends in the office. Forgets about fetching vacation.Immersed by work, leaves all energies in the office and fails in sacred some to his wife and kids. One anecdote after divorce, lives in a NYC hotel close to the office. ?Self-confident believes others ordain nonice and reward him for his testify professional skills. ?Small (or none) circle of friends having written this letter, at this point in conviction, to a professor he has neither seen nor talked to in the past 20 years seems like a strong sign that he had nobody adpressed with whom share his dilemma. The ANALYSIS Ben Brooks profile 1. Psychological TypeWith the limited teaching available in the letter, we can guess Ben is an NT TYPE (Intuitive sagacious) Ben is fascinated by power, he is very ambitious and believes he forget progress and be recogni zed / rewarded by others as a resolving of his own personal competences. As we said, he is a work-aholic, his competence seems never enough to him and he lives permanently with the fear to fail (ie. to non getting as high as he believes he deserves). He is a visionary and permanently challenges the status-quo a good example is the direct represent model Ben developed and implemented at Livingstone only 2 years after having joined the company.In his professional relationships with others, NT typecasts are arrogant in that grit that they assume a small contri only whenion from his peers and team since, ultimately, they are non as good as I am. At the self homogeneous(prenominal) cartridge holder, as contradictory as it may seem, he can be as highly demanding with others as he is with himself. The NT types could go as removed as hurting others feelings without even nonicing it. Worth noting there is nevertheless one component in Bens personality which could stir led us to c lassify him rather as an SJ type.Ben is committed to deliver on his promises and objectives and, in that respect, he values duty above all and dedicates all of his clock and push button to his work. That said, an SJ type is withal very sensitive to others, to bringing congruity to the relationships and his duty disposition goes beyond work to also his family. This is clearly not the case for Ben. ? To further complete this picture, Ben seems to be much of an INTROVERTED type difficult to say through the letter but he does not seem like a very social or externally- counseled person.He does not seem to be sourcing his energy from others, but rather from himself and his work. He by all odds prefers communicating in written, even to a professor he has not seen for the past 20 years ( ) which clearly shows how little genuine interestingness he has in knowing how others (the professor) are doing he dedicates 3 pages to talk of the town exclusively about himself and his dilemma. O n the 4th axe, Ben seems more like a JUDGEMENT type he enjoys planning is work and is excited about reaching objectives. That said, we do not have much more selective nurture about this topic. 2.Motivational profile Reading through his letter, we can sense Ben has systematically been moved by aroundly INTRINSIC MOTIVATIONS, with some component of extraneous MOTIVATIONS but a total absence of TRANSCENDENT MOTIVATIONS. Lets elaborate slightly more Most important motivation for Ben seems to have been his own self-fulfillment at work, the satisfaction of being a skilled professional facing challenges and delivering results (INTRINSIC MOTIVATION) with the objective of being rewarded by the company with increasingly important jobs, power and status (EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION).Economic compensation, although also important (as for most of us), seems to act upon a secondary role for Ben. In his letter, he explains his jobs and some key business achievements yet never mentions other people , his teams, the role they played on his success or the feign he, as a manager, had on their knowledge (lack of TRANSCENDENT MOTIVATIONS). This analysis is coherent with the conclusion we can drive from his (lack of) personal life Ben acknowledges he failed in dedicating prison term and energy to his family and was not confusion when his wife left him.He talks about this personal drama in a very dispassionate manner, as a logical fact another indication of the little relevancy of TRANSCENDENT MOTIVATIONS. How does this affect his attractions ABILITY? Nobody, no matter how good of a manager he/she is, could be perceived as a original leader by his/her organization, if he/she does not display a minimum of TRANSCENDENT MOTIVATION, ie. a unique interest and empathy about others and about doing what is better for others well-being. This motivation is a must in order to be able to generate determine in the organization.Ben supposition his personal needs would be fulfilled with s ubstantial and PROFESSIONAL components. He disregarded AFFECTIVE needs or, equally worrying, he thought it was other peoples role (his wife) to provide him unilaterally with some affection. 3. Leadership Style and Competencies Ben appears as an EXECUTIVE LEADER, a mover. He has vision for the business and the skills to get there. He relentlessly focus on results, on delivering on objectives and is highly involved and committed to do so.This single-minded focus leaves little room for other people he is egocentric and lacks genuine interest in others. He is a brusk listener and could end up manipulating others (even unconsciously) in his will to get results at any cost. Ben is ambitious about his public life and concerned about his own success above all. Through his 20 years of successful career progression, Ben has certainly demonstrated twain BUSINESS and MANAGING COMPETENCIES (otherwise he would credibly not have become Executive VP).As previously said, Ben has a vision for the business, knows how to care people and resources in order to be effective in delivering results. On the contrary, lacking of Transcendent Motivations, Ben has been unable of bringing a SENSE OF relegation to his leadership. Further, he has probably even been unconscious and unaware of the importance of this sense of mission. Ben has lacked the critical PERSONAL COMPETENCIES required to lead others can a viridity vision, a higher level commitment than merely objectives or tasks.With strong Business and Managing competencies, Ben has been able through his career to deliver results and to activate his teams on the short-term by merely leveraging on their extraneous and intrinsic motivations (LIDERANCA TRANSFORMADORA). Nevertheless, as it is, Ben would be unable to motivate an organization backside a higher-end, longer-term mission (LIDERANCA TRANSCENDENTE), and this is certainly what Livingstone top management has identified as a gap for Ben to become the company CEO.In the wor ds of another leadership specialist, Ben is certainly a COMPETENT MANAGER, he organizes people and resources to reach objectives. He is probably an EFFECTIVE LEADER, with a vision to engage others towards the pursuit of stretchiness goals. But he is not at the top leadership level, the aim 5 EXECUTIVE, who builds solid organizations and preaches with his own example and humility, rallying the organization behind a common mission, one which transcends extrinsic and intrinsic motivations to truly list an impact on peoples well-being and, ultimately, on the society.Advice I would give to Ben Brooks Throughout the above analysis, the advice I would give to Ben is to fool quality time and start a well-thought process of personal change. whatever personal change process requires -First, to acknowledge the need for a personal and a professional change Ben has done so already, at least(prenominal) on the professional side, as we can see in his letter. He does not yet seem concerned ab out the importance of a well-balanced personal and emotional life and its plus impact on his leadership ability. Second, the willingness to change Ben is starting to realize this as he says he will certainly behave differently if he joins a naked company. -Third, to act, to plan the change and to execute it, as an iterative process. For a mid-aged person like Ben, with 20 years of professional experience in the same company (hence, already with a personal risk-aversion profile), changing profoundly anchored habits will be a very difficult exercise.Further, Ben is currently frustrated and waste about his top management decision and he will probably lack the necessary objectivity in analyzing his own case and the aline reasons why they believe he is not ready to be the CEO the company needs. I would hence advice Ben to reach out to a professional coach who, same as psychiatrics do, will help him dissect the information and drive conclusions and who will design, with him, the steps needed for the change.I would advise him to start by complementing his own in-depth reflection with the feedback he could get from several peers, subordinates and friends/family about who is Ben, how does he behaves, how is he perceived. This will be the starting point, the raw material to start the work with the coach. Also importantly, this process will take significant time and effort, yet it is crucial if he wants to become not only a better rounded senior leader for an organization, but also a happier person. I would suggest that he puts aside, for the moment, his prospection for new jobs.Ideally, if this is financially possible, he would quit his job and dedicate some time (some months) entirely to himself and his change process. belike 20 years of experience do buy you the right to do so and the personal win will be worth the time and the salary. Ultimately, I believe Ben will be better off go forth his company he has accumulated significant frustration that will impact hi m in his daily work and, as he says, he will probably not make it to CEO there in the mid-term. That said, I believe he should also think whether becoming CEO is his true objective.The title per se does not say much. He should be more factual in writing down the must have and the on the table elements of the ideal job he wants and, with the help of his coach, identify the type of jobs and, as importantly, the type of companies where he could find it. In my opinion, these are the lessons Ben Brooks should memorize for the future Driven by his own professional ambition, Ben has failed in taking a helicopter view to evaluate his personal and professional life on a permanent mode.He has failed in growing as a leader and as a person to go beyond efficaciousness (delivering on results), to leave a positive mark on those border him and to make his beloved ones happier and his collaborators more profoundly committed about a mission. A leader is not a top level leader if he does not -Fir st, knows himself (Self-Awareness), his motivations, his style, his strengths and weaknesses, the impact he makes on others, -Leverages his own emotions and skills to be more effective and empathic in working with others, to get the most out of them (Emotional Intelligence) -Has a genuine interest for other people, Behaves as a change agent, an influential leader well beyond a performer delivering business results -Knows how to manage his own career and his personal time and, ultimately, balances both (Work Life Balance) to be an example as a professional but also as a human being. Ben invested all his time and energy on his own effectiveness as a manager and thought this would be enough to take him where he wanted to be.He invested all the time in his company, his projects and results and failed to dedicate time and energy to his beloved ones but also to himself. The best investment one can make, at any time in life, is the investment made to become a better person and a better le ader, more genuine and more engaged to outstrip not only in results, but also in the positive impact we have on others. Ben is still on time to do so and excel in this new professional adventure, whatever makes him happier, with or without the CEO title in the business card.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The movie “Amistad”

The movie Amistad is found on a true chronicle. This tells us the story round about Afri brook slaves who were sold by their own countrymen to acquire weapons and money. During the time of reading to Spain, the gangs rebels and kill almost all in all their Spanish captors. African slaves took charge of the crew to return to their homes, but they were discovered by American man, who taken them as prisoners guide them to fall in States to determine what they would do with them.Upon arrival the slaves to America, it was decided that these should go to court for murder and piracy and keep them in prison. In the first base court appear disparate addresss claiming the right to these slaves, treating them as property and not as benevolent beings. But an opponent of bondage Mr. Joadson, a ex U. S. death chair named John Adams, an lawyer at law Mr. Baldwin, and a sozzled man and owner of several businesses and banks named Mr. Tappan, joined forces to free these slaves.Although it was difficult to reward evince to free the African slaves because of the language difference, they gathered enough evidence to make clear that these slaves had been bought amerciablely and they were not Cubans but Africans. With this evidence they won the case. The current president of that time named new wave Buren changed the test to treat the unite States v African Slaves case to recover it and reckon a different response, but the result was the same freedom to the slaves.Once again the President of the United States took the case but to the superior court where the ex-President John Adams and Mr. Baldwins attorney at law, had a resounding success with the decision that these Africans were not property, they were human beings that had certain rights and could decide where they expected to go. phoebe bird, the leader of the African tribe, thanked strongly the entertain these characters give it to him and to his tribe. Finally, Cinque followed in crew to free other sl aves who resided in Spain to then return to home.Within the history of the look at Amistad we can gull different steads because during the plot appears different groups with different ambitions. On the one strike off we redeem the group of the oppressed, referring to African slaves. Their attitude was of sadness, anger, and heroism. They were sad because they were discriminated, separated from their families, suffered humiliation, starvation, beatings, and step and all these because of their color. At the same time they felt anger and courage to those passel who abused them without mercy.But the biggest attitude that oppressed had been the desire to budge for their freedom and not give up. African Slaves perpetually believing in the powers of their ancestors. On the other gift, there are the oppressors. In this group we can put together the Spaniards along with the Queen Isabel II, President of the United States, and 2 Spanish characters who survived the slaughter on th e Amistad board. All of them had a selfish attitude towards slaves. They believed they could do with these people what they want because for them the slaves were not human if not a good.They do not care what Africans suffered, because according to them, the dark color let them to be miserable. The Queen Isabel II at the age of 11 fantasy that slaves were an essential part for the economy of her country. President of the United States did not want to release African Slaves because he was afraid of provoking a polished war and end on bad terms with the free foxiness agreement with Spain. Finally, the 2 Spaniard characters simply believed that they had the right to slaves because they survived from them and helped United State troops by the discovery of these.In the movie Amistad there were several conflicts. The psyche was the issue of thraldom which led to another conflicts. During the early 18s, slavery was something illegal in many countries. For the U. S. , in the north was not approved piece of music in the south could be legal. Because slaves were forced to work long hours without a salary, they were very important in elevating the economy of some countries standardised Spain. With the pass of the time the issue of slavery took more importance and strength in the decisions of government.Due to the unleashing of the slaves, there were other social and political conflict as the Civil War, and the release of Lombok Slave Fortress. In the history of the movie finally the anti-slavery group gets the desired result which was to free African slaves and return them to their homes, give thanks to the wisdom of the ex-President John Adams and the persistence of the attorney at law Baldwin. Today, slavery is a thing of the past. Thanks to these accrual events that occurred many years past today we can enjoy complete freedom in the United States of America.Although Africans had to go through many hard times to regain his freedom, slavery ended in the year o f 1865 with the addition of the thirteenth amendment in the constitution. fit in to Chapter 6 Civil Rights it tells us that since the foundation of America the primary rank was equality. Discrimination is a concept that can be defined as a behavior or attitude with others according to their color, gender, clothing, age, or race. Chapter 6 t to each onees us that the most discriminated groups in human history are women and blacks.The film has a social, political, historical and moral meaning because it leaves a great doctrine on the issue of discrimination. It is noteworthy that Amistad is based on real events that remaining a great benefit to the United States. It has social significance because it shows that rules of order can be composed of different types of people and we are all a fundamental part of development. Second, it has political significance because we can see that the issue of slavery was always linked to politics, as the relationship of slavery and the free trade agreement between the United States and Spain.Furthermore, slavery has always been treated by the government, who always took the last decision thinking about the best for the people or for it convenience. Amistad is historic because, thanks to anti-slavery people like John Adams, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Tappan, Mr. Joadson and the great leader and hero of the African tribe called Cinque who had the courage to face great powers as the ninth U. S. President Van Buren and confront the vague, shallow, and undefined laws that existed in the system of legislation in that time, in our times slavery is condemn.In my opinion the greatest significance of the story of the movie to people of that time is the moral value. Mr. Joadson who was a black man, a slave at some time in his life, and a leading opponent of slavery, was a person who taught us a lot with her character because even though he did not born in Africa, and he was totally American, he venture to support the cause of African slaves and neer turned his back on his race. Another example of morality could be the judge who replaced the elderly judge, who despite being young and very inexperienced, do not let the U. S. President told him what was he had to do.He always went hand in hand with their values and takes the right decision to release these people who had already suffered enough. This movie certainly left a great lesson in me. As stated in the cover of the movie Absolutely persistent I will never forget Amistad. The film taught me that everyone has the right to competitiveness for freedom. Besides, no one can take your freedom and discriminate against you by your port, color, race, gender, age or anything else. In my case, although we are often called the minority as Hispanics in this country, we have rights like anyone lse and we deserve to be treated as humans and not as an object or property. I have felt discriminated against at some point in my life as many other people, but I know that people judge b ecause we are full of prejudices. The true is that we are still slaves to our own prejudices. Although we are in the XXI century discrimination has not ended, and is the responsibility of each one of us stop judging people by their appearance and accept that if we are all equal in the eyes of beau ideal we should all be equal in the society.

I T Project Implementation Failures

HCS 483 health care reading System University of Phoenix Kathleen Clark Health care proves commonly take some plans or initiatives designed to improve the performance of the institute or move forward policy through the use of sunrise(prenominal) or present information technologies. Many of these projects engage to accomplishment of a major application system, and often these projects called IT projects. Project is including implanting computerized system, registration, and dictate entry, scheduling and bear upon the discharge.Role of the solicitude is very important for any organization to lunch impudent system or updating for exiting system. Research need to done exhaustively before any kind of implementations start. As a matter of incident managements need follow few steps to introduced new system to employees and customers. loss attraction broadcast Language and vision Connection and authority Incentives Planning ,implanting ,iterating autobiography Health Sys tem hospital was not following those steps in order to mother success on their plan. As a leave behind Memorial Health hospital system COPE death penalty failed.Leader ship play big spot for any organization. Leader need to be more focused on communication. As a leader dedicate to more open about the change and benefit from change. Resources need to be identifying by the leader. Leader all way resolve the issues and alter the command as needed. Most important part of being a leader, leader must need to make sure after identify the riddle monitoring the progress. Language and vision for the employees need to be understood. Employees must feel after the change how it will work and play important role in their everyday work life.Organization might describe the vision, out bugger off from the change which will be patients service. Example patients should be able to involve the doctors with no waiting time or get an appointment in patients convenient time. Connection with medic al staffs will help more to get success in when implanting new system. Staffs will be more educate by knowing what kind of system hospital trying to act upon to improve the patient service. All member of organization must trust each other integrity, intelligence as well as expertness of leadership. All members in the organization must need to motivate and back up by leader to adopt change.All change need to plan ahead. Implementation of the plan is obviously necessary problem all way occurs during the implementation. pass of the paper managing the IT project is changing agenda. Before any change management need to clearly define the projects, time and goals for the change in order to get success for new system. References Karen A. Wager, Frances Wickham Lee, arse P. Glaser, Lawton Robert Burns, (2009). Health Care Information Systems. A Practical Approach for Health Care Management (2nd Ed. ). John Wiley & Sons Inc.