Saturday, June 22, 2019

Combating Juvenile Deliquency Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Combating Juvenile Deliquency - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, surety that their job is not under threat boosts their morale and encourages teamwork and coordination with other employees in a relaxed and productive manner. Cooperation and flexibility in the workplace is only possible if a head supervisor assures his employees of job security. This assurance naturally translates to contented employees and improves factors such as production and customer satisfaction, which eventually boosts sales.Based on my work experience, I believe that usage security stands out as the most important of the seven work practices. Several benefits accrue from this factor, and some factors are not achievable without job security. For instance, no matter how trained employees are, without use security, they may not perform to their expectations. Similarly, high compensation at work is not enough to motivate an unsettled employee who is unsettled about the future (Pfeffer and Veiga 42). This pra ctice is the most important because all of the other seven factors emanate from its applicability. Even reduction of status difference depends on employment security. It is impossible for employees to coordinate their skills if some feel like their jobs are at risk. It threatens all the efforts put in job selection, training, and development of a workforce (Pfeffer and Veiga

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