Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering Research Paper

Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering - Research Paper ExampleSince engineers are able to do several works, it path that they are able to use numerous materials in a bid to meet their objectives. However, it is of paramount significance to note that the materials that the engineers use are important because without them, they would not be able to accomplish their missions. This means that it is vital to exercise innovation, ethics and sustainability in engineering because without this, victimisation give ascend to standstill. Introduction Engineering is real diverse because the commonwealth who work in the field pay the responsibility of doing several essential things. Engineers have the opportunity to do several things, which are yield of food, ensuring quality supply of water, provision of houses, waste management and sanitation, development of energy, building of roads. In addition, they have the right to ensure that thither is adequate industrial processing, development of natural resources and ensuring that waste sites are cleaned up. Moreover, they ensure that natural disasters are prevented by discovering and preventing them, reducing natural disasters by restoring rivers, forests, wetlands among others, provision of better industrial processes that will center consumption of energy as well as waste production and providing appropriate technology that will increase production of the things that area needed in the society (Pollan, 2007). This shows that engineers are very important in the society because they ensure that life runs smoothly for all the people (Small, 2007). Innovation ensures that engineers are able to come up with ways that will best utilize the available materials. It is of paramount importance to note that materials, when misused, will be depleted and, as a result, the engineers will have nothing to use in their activities. This is the reason why innovation is important for it ensures that new methods of productio n are implemented which will ensure that sustainability is achieved (Small, 2007). On the other hand, ethics is very important because it guarantees that all laid down rules are maintained to the latter. It would be useless to set rules that are not followed by the people whom the rules are meant for. However, sustainability requires engineers to be fully aware of the rules that ought to be followed in their profession. Sustainability cannot be achieved if the professionals do not follow the ethical standards set. However, all that needs to be done, in order to ensure that sustainability is achieved, is just to follow the set ethical standards (Pollan, 2007). Literature review Sustainability involves adhering to three factors which are social equity, ecological health and economic welfare. amongst 1992 and 2002, many accomplishments were achieved in the engineering sector. The World Engineering Partnership for Sustainable Development (WEPSD) was formed with the sole purpose of ens uring that all engineers across the world follow ethical standards that ensure that materials are used sustainably. It is extremely important to note that all engineers across the globe understand that it is unethical to misuse the materials that are provided because there is always a tomorrow (Pollan, 2007). Sustainability does not focus on the needs of the current generations but puts more emphasis on the generations to come. This means that the people have to be responsible for anything that they do because otherwise, they

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