Saturday, June 8, 2019

Southeast Asian in the US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Southeast Asian in the US - Essay ExampleIt has been statistically proven that the influx of refugees in mammy from the East and Southeast Asia is on the rise since the number grew from 169 (2006) to 498 (2009) (Refugee and Immigrant Health Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health 1).The Southeast Asian refugees come from diverse and straightforward cultures across the world that makes it impossible to assimilate them in a unified group. The Massachusetts government was amazed by the complex diversity of the large refugee groups, who flew their sylvan owing to various historical circumstances. In addressing the current refugee problems, there is a need for a positioning development that takes care of many consistencies in impairment of the refugee behavior and experience. This development perspective would help in addressing the social and psychological problems of the refugees, and in the same context, the refugee behavior can be socially patterned. This developed per spective strategy would help in analyzing the refugee problems from historical, comparative and general views. These analytical views prioritize the refugee problems as recurring with identifiable characteristics, casualty sets and similar patterns of behavior. Indeed this analysis provide help in treating specific refugee problems as atypical, unique and personal historical events in line with the general subject. The refugee problems, behavior and situations, which occur in many regions, contexts and clock should also be carefully analyzed.Another experience with the Southeast Asian refugees is little analysis given to the refugee camps. Only a few materials exist in the camps, and just a few scholars have made attempts to examine the effects of experience at the camps on the refugee behavior. Still, there are no camps classification systems nor some of the important camp experience elements.

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