Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Person Live on 500 Rupees in a Month Essay Example for Free

A Person Live on 500 Rupees in a Month Essay Today our society become advance and the previous living standard of our life also changes. A few years ago, peoples started trade with barter system, and then a big change happened in our trade system. According to this change money took barter’s position. Now people trade their things with money except of barter system. But again a changing happen in our currency system and this time change happen in the shape of value of currency because the value of currency still fall day by day. According to this system, inflation also increases day by day. In which, let’s suppose a person who live on 500 rupees in a month is a student and if he want to do this then he must follows some guidelines. Because once there was a time when peoples thought 500 rupees is very big amount for live in a month but now a days, our society is very expensive and for this reason 500 rupees lose their previous values and if we depend on 500 for whole month then it is very difficult to spend a happy month. Now if you ready to done this job as a student then first of all reduce your all unnecessary expenses like smoking, out campus visits without any reason etc. First of all student should have to plan a budget for the whole month because we must know, which things are necessary and which are unnecessary. We should also know how much amount we are going to spend on which items and what importance of these items for us. The budget which has been planned by you should be implemented. Some of the students plan the budget but fail to implement like Pakistan Government. If you want to make a call to your friend, then please give him a miss call and wait for his call back. If he does not respond you within four to five minutes then make a call from your other nearest friend, brother or your father’s mobile. In the university, when you feel hunger and want to eat something, force your friends for party without any reason. For party, you can hide your friend’s cell phone or any other precious-valuable, important- things. If a friend forces you to give him or her party then tell him, â€Å"today I left my wallet at home, by mistake†. These suggestions are very good and helpful to spend whole month in 500 rupees. If you follow these suggestions, I’ll guaranty you that you will fulfill your requirements and may be you can save two hundred or more a month.

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